I really like being alone. Laying in my dark bedroom surrounded by firefly lights, listening to music, looking at pictures. I’m never lonely though. I’m content by myself. I think that’s called being an introvert. I don’t know if I’m an introvert because I like being alone, or if I’m an introvert because my social anxiety & OCD squashed any chance of me being an extrovert. When I was little I used to dance and sing and talk to everyone. My parents said I was gonna be a movie star. My sister was so shy and I never was. Until we swapped. Until she became outgoing and I became scared. Scared to talk to people. Scared to look people in the eye. Scared that I couldn’t plan out every move I make. Scared I’d get up at the wrong time, or fall, or make an embarrassment of myself. Yes, it has been better in recent years, but no it is not by any means solved. Actually, being an introvert isn’t really a bad thing. Being content with yourself seems to me to be a good thing. In the end, all you really have is yourself, getting to know and love yourself is crucial. People come and go but you always have yourself- it’s the one constant in your life. And the way I see it, introversion has really benefited me for all the lonely moments I’ll have.

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