As of recently I have become slightly addicted to American Horror Story. In season 2, Asylum, Ms. Jessica Lange (aka my role model) says to a patient that “All monsters are human”. Ever since I was a toddler I have struggled with irrational fears of things hiding under my bed or in the dark- the so called “monsters” of the world. For example, after I saw ET the first time I was terrified he would steal me in my sleep. We are taught and tricked into believing in fake monsters, when the real ones are in front of our face. Human nature causes greed, vanity, selfishness, and pain. Humans are the terrorists and destructors of this world. Heck, humans are the ones who taught us monsters live underneath beds. I think that’s why American Horror Storyis so popular, it’s not scary in the pop out, screaming, don’t-open-the-door sense, the true terror is hidden in real plausible things. Anyone can move into the wrong place, anyone can be born with a deformity, anyone can unintentionally stay at a dark hotel, and anyone-especially in the 60s when this took place-could be wrongly committed to an insane asylum. The ghosts and monsters aren’t in a faraway world or hiding away, they are with us, among us, and inside of us, and that is the scariest realization of all.

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